Zillah's Gift
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Zillah is a strong and smart young heroine who fights for what she believes in and isn’t willing to back down, even in the face of her elders. With her intelligence and maturity, Zillah is a good role model to younger girls. Her story is one of loss, but also one of acceptance and renewal. Zillah grows throughout the novel, and she is easy to relate to during the course of the story. There are many lessons to be learned from Zillah’s Gift. I recommend Zillah’s Gift for its storytelling and message. I eagerly await Ms. Duffy’s next work!
- McKenzie Tritt (age 16) for Reader Views

Thank you so much for bible stories that involve girls and females in general. I am a mature woman without any children but for many years I have been wishing someone would do this. Thanks for being open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to create these stories and help us feel like we matter in the very masculine world of Christianity and Catholicism in particular. Many blessings with your future.  - Pauline

Zillah is a beautifully written story of miracles. Duffy grabs readers, sweeping them along in the adventures of a girl who follows a star and three princely sages to a destiny beyond anythng she could have imagined. Lois West Duffy is a writer to watch.
- Faith Sullivan, author of What a Woman Must Do, Gardenias: a Novel and The Cape Ann

When you have nothing else to look forward too, maybe you need to look to the stars. Zillah's Gift: A Secret... An Adventure... A Gift is an ancient Persian story following Zillah, a girl who does not have much in the way of potential prospects for her life. But when she sees a star that no one else can see, this star brings her in contact with the royal family and her life then changes forever. Zillah's Gift is a fine read and a fine addition to any community library collection focusing on juvenile fiction. - Midwest Book Review (Five stars out of 5) 
This is a splendid tale that will appeal to everyone, whether Christian or not, practicing or not. It is a lovely story that should be extremely marketable during the holiday season.
- Sherry Roberts, author of the novel Maud's House and Principal in the Roberts Group Editorial Services

I liked this book because I could really see it happening. It was a very real interpretation of the first Christmas. Zillah seemed very real to me. It's an adventurous story filled with bandits and traitors. - Linda Stack-Nelson, age almost 10

Zillah’s Gift was terrific! It is a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down. Your beautiful depiction of the humility, courage and faith of Zillah (of which attributes even Zillah is unaware) is very powerful and emotional. As a person who, like Zillah, lost my father at an early age, I strongly related to Zillah’s ability (or stated alternatively, another one of her special ‘gifts’) to use endearingly fond remembrances of her father to help her maintain her abiding sense of hope and optimism during extremely difficult times.

I can see Zillah’s Gift being a classic for both children and adults. It speaks to the power of true faith (so that perhaps we may all be able to see the shining star of Bethlehem), the need for humility (lest we end up like Mahli, Auntie, and Zothar), and the true beauty of a person who combines true faith and humility. Thank you again so much for sharing Zillah’s Gift with me. - John T. Kelly, Esq., Asst. City Attorney, City of St. Paul